Plenary Sessions

Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 4:00pm

Opening Ceremony 

Welcome remarks on behalf of

  • National Steering Committee, Dr. Bocar Daff, Ministry of Health*
  • International Steering Committee, Dr. Michael Klag, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Goodwill messages from youth leaders

Goodwill message on behalf of First Ladies delegation

  • First Lady of Burkina Faso, Her Excellency Chantal Compaoré, Introduced by Mr. Tewodros Melesse, Director General, International Planned Parenthood Federation

Goodwill messages from International supporters and distinguished guests

Opening statement, Ministry of Health, Mr. Modou Diagne Fada, Minister*

Address, His Excellency, Abdoulaye Wade, President of Senegal*

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011, 8:30-9:20am

Family Planning Dividends Accumulated over a Half Century and Still Building

Chair:  Dr. Amy Tsui, Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

  1. Family planning: The road travelled and the road ahead, Dr. Scott Radloff, Director, Office of Population and Reproductive Health, USAI
  2. Economic growth and social development in Indonesia:  Population Matters, Dr.  Bambang Brodjonegoro, Director, Fiscal Policy Office, Ministry of Finance
  3. The demographic dividend and Its Prospects in Africa, Dr. Adedoyin Soyibo, Professor of Economics, University of Ibadan
  4. Family planning’s dividends for global and national health, Dr. Gamal Serour, President, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics


Thursday, December 1, 2011, 8:30-9:20am

Family Planning and HIV: Strange Bedfellows No More

Chair: Dr. Steve Sinding, Former Director General, International Planned Parenthood Federation

  1. Family planning and HIV:  The DFID agenda, Parliamentary Under-Secretary Stephen O’Brien, DFID
  2. WHO Initiatives to reduce the joint risk of unwanted pregnancy and HIV infection, Dr. Michael Mbizvo, Director, Reproductive Health Research
  3. New initiatives on multipurpose prevention technologies for sexual and reproductive Health, Dr. Judy Manning, USAID
  4. Senegal ‘s response to HIV and family planning needs, Dr. Bocar Daff, Director of Reproductive Health, Ministry of Health, Senegal*
  5. “In Their Own Words” – A  video by Population Services International, introduced by, Dr. Krishna Jafa, Director Global HIV, Tuberculosis and Reproductive Health

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Friday, December 2, 2011, 8:30-9:20am

Securing the Right to Family Planning and Its Benefits

Honorary Chair: Hon. Aida Mbodj, Secretary of State, the Family and Women’s Organizations, Senegal

Session facilitator:  Mr. Dana Hovig, Chief Executive, Marie Stopes International

Opening comments by Hon. Aida Mbodj, Secretary of State

Moderator comments*

  1. Investing in contraceptive method choice and security, Dr. Jagdish Upadhyay, UNFPA
  2. The Social and Economic Impact of Investing in Family Planning, Ms. Jill Sheffield, President, Women Deliver
  3. Women’s Reproductive Choices:  An Essential Foundation for Development and Security in Africa, Dr. Eunice Brookman-Amissah, Ipas Vice President for Africa and former Minister of Health, Ghana


Friday, December 2, 2011, 4:00-5:30pm

Family Planning On the Move

Honorary Chair:  HE Prime Minister of Senegal, Souleymane Ndéné Ndiaye

Minister of Health – Mr. Modou Diagne Fada

Opening comments by Prime Minister*

  1. Repositioning family planning in India, Dr. Poonam Muttreja, Director, Population Foundation of India
  2. Partnering on Contraceptive Commodity Security,  Dr. Guoqing Mi, Deputy Director General, Department of International Cooperation, National Population and Family Planning Commission of China
  3. The Leading Us to the Future, Papa Magatte Ndiaye, ASBEF (Senegal)
  4. The Way Forward: Lessons from Ethiopia’s Success in Family Planning, Dr. Kesetebirhan Admassu, State Minister for Health, Ethiopia
  5. Family Planning and ICPD beyond 2014, Mr. Werner Haug, Director, Technical Division UNFPA
  6. Evidence-Based Advocacy for Family Planning and Global Health, Dr. Michael Klag, Dean, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Closing statement by Prime Minister*

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