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From our Partners: “In Uganda’s Lake Victoria Basin, HoPE is alive,” Pathfinder International

I want you to first understand that people don’t lead their lives in silos. You see, the drivers of extreme poverty—like poor health, food insecurity or gender inequality—are undeniably interconnected.  A person is not just affected by one, but a combination: one’s livelihood may depend on cutting down trees. Cut down too many trees, and […]

In the News: “Indonesia’s secret abortion problem,” The Week

In a country where abortion is illegal and talking about reproductive health is taboo, women are terminating their pregnancies in unsafe ways, often getting hurt and sometimes dying as a result. The Guttmacher Institute estimates that abortion is about 20 percent more prevalent in Indonesia than in Southeast Asia as a whole. Three out of […]

In the News: “Early marriage in NTB exacerbates health, poverty problems,” Jakarta Post

More than 40,000 couples from 1.5 million families in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) got married at below 20 years old, contributing to problems with poverty and mental and reproductive health in the province. “Although they are not the main cause of the high number of underprivileged families, getting married at an early age has many […]

From our Partners: “On Taking Time to Be a Father,” UNFPA

When fathers are engaged in promoting the health and rights of women and children, their partners are happier, their children are more fulfilled, and societies reap abundant economic and social benefits. The engagement of fathers can also foster joint decision-making and improve couples’ communication, which builds healthy relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Fathers […]

Emirates to offer daily flight service between Bali and Dubai

Beginning June 3, Emirates will offer daily flights between Dubai and Bali. Every day, a flight will depart from Dubai at 8:20 and arrive at Denpasar International Airport, Bali, at 21:40 (same day). Another flight will depart from Bali at 23:40 and arrive at Dubai International Airport at 5:00 (next day). This new service will make traveling to the 2015 ICFP […]

Applications for youth speakers due Friday, June 5

Youth ages 18 to 25 are invited to apply to be speakers/moderators at the ICFP by creating short videos that speak to their passion for family planning, reproductive and sexual health and rights, and/or adolescent health. The videos will be reviewed and scored; the top scorers will be invited to serve as speakers/moderators, and will […]

Record Number of Abstracts Submitted to the 2015 ICFP

The 2015 ICFP is well on its way to achieving the highest participation rate in conference history. The conference organizers received about 2,000 individual abstracts and 200 preformed panel abstracts, an increase of more than 50% over 2013. Abstracts are currently being reviewed, and corresponding authors will be notified regarding abstract decisions by mid-June.

ICFP Website Updates – June 1

Partner organizations and subcommittees that would like to convene stakeholders around their area of interest can host auxiliary events. These meetings, workshops, panels, networking sessions, training courses, and presentations can be held either in the Convention Center or at nearby hotels or venues. For more details about reserving space for auxiliary events, please visit the […]