Poster Presentation Guidelines

Poster presentations provide an opportunity for an interactive exchange of ideas between the presenter and audience interested in her/his study.

The objective of a poster is to outline the research clearly and concisely, so that it can be understood even without an oral explanation—especially since posters will also be viewed even when the author is not present.

Please note, all posters material should be prepared in advance and brought to the conference by the presenters. The conference organizers are not able to print or transport posters, and there will not be facilities on-site for printing or composing posters.

No audiovisual equipment is permitted for poster presentations. If you choose to bring handouts, we recommend you bring approximately 100 copies and provide contact information (i.e., author names and email addresses) on the handout.

Posters prepared by presenters will be mounted on poster boards in the exhibition hall for public viewing.


Two posters will be mounted on each poster board. Remember, each presenter is allowed one poster and will be sharing the poster board with another presenter. Above is an example of the kind of poster board we will use. Posters can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. The board will be 4′ h x 8′ w (International Standard) [1.22 meters x 2.44 meters], accommodating two posters. Therefore, each poster should be no larger than 4′ h x 4′ w [1.22 meters x 1.22 meters].


The scheduled abstracts that have been accepted as posters will be grouped in themes and presenters will be informed about the details of their poster display time and location. To view what posters are in each poster session, please click here.

Poster Session Session Date Session Time Earliest Poster
Setup Time
Presenter at Poster
1 26 January 10:00-13:20 8:00 10:00–11:00
2 26 January 14:20–17:40 14:00 14:30–15:30
3 27 January 10:00–13:20 8:00 10:00–11:00
4 27 January 14:20–5:40 14:00 14:30–15:30
5 28 January 10:00–13:20 8:00 10:00–11:00


Poster Locations


  • Accepted posters have been assigned a poster number. The first digit represents the poster session (see dates and times above) and the second/third digits represent the poster location (see map above). For example, poster 1.26 will be presented during Poster Session 1 on 26 January from 10:00 to 13:20 in location 26 shown on the map.
  • Presenters must locate their assigned poster board and assemble their poster at least 15 minutes before the poster session.
  • Material to mount posters will be provided.

Recommended Poster Sizes:

  • 30″ w x 40″ h (76cm w x 102cm h)
  • 36″ w x 48″ h (91cm w x 122cm h)
  • 70 cm wide by 100 cm tall (A1)
  • 90 cm wide by 120 cm tall (A0)


Header: Prepare a headline that is reflective of the research. Include the authors and the affiliations (institution/organization) under the header for identification.

Organization: The objective is to present the information clearly and simply in a visually appealing way. Be careful not to overload the poster. Please use a consistent style/sequence (left to right or top to bottom) to guide the viewer through the poster. You may use figures, tables, graphs and/or photographs where suitable. Keep the text brief and to the point. All the material on the poster should be legible from a distance.

Typography: Avoid using short forms, abbreviations, acronyms and/or jargon. Make sure the font is consistent throughout.

Printing: Options are available in most local stationary shops. Flex printing is an option, and the dimensions of the poster remain as recommended above.