Quality of Care: True Improvements or Lip Service?

Quality Innovation Challenge
Tuesday, 26 January
13:20 – 14:20
Singaraja Hall 2

With the goal of sparking new global projects that improve quality in family planning and reproductive health, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation is hosting its second Quality Innovation Challenge. Session participants will hear from the Population and Reproductive Health Program’s Tamara Kreinin (Director) and Lana Dakan (Program Officer) on why quality matters in sexual and reproductive health. Past Quality Innovation Challenge awardee, Numfor Alenwi from the Cameroon Agenda for Sustainable Development, will share insights from his unique approach to overcoming social and political barriers to reach girls in Cameroon with quality SRHR information and services. This is a working session and participants will have 30 minutes to develop proposals, ask questions, and get feedback from experts in the field. Ideas submitted in-person during the lunch session, and accepted until 4 p.m. the same evening, will be eligible for consideration of up to five grants of $100,000 each. Finalists will be announced at the ICFP closing plenary on Thursday, January 28. More details about the challenge and past awardees are available online at www.packard.org/quality. Click here to download the Quality Innovation Challenge ad.


Session Session Title
1.1.03 A Matter of Rights, Choice, and Quality: Effective Quality of Care Interventions in Family Planning Programs / Question de droits, choix et qualité: Interventions efficaces pour des soins de qualité dans les programmes de planification familiale
1.1.15 Improving safe and post-abortion care / Améliorer la sécurité et les soins post-avortement
1.1.17 Promoting long acting contraceptive methods / Promotion des méthodes de longue durée d’action
1.2.07 Quality Metrics for Family Planning: the “Secret Sauce”? / Mesures de qualité pour la planification familiale: la sauce secrète?
1.2.19 The importance of Access and Quality of care in Family planning / L’importance de l’accès et la qualité des soins en planification familiale
1.3.11 Improving Access and Quality of Postabortion Family Planning Services – Lessons from East and West Africa / Améliorer l’accès et la qualité des services de planification familiale post-avortement: Leçons de l’Afrique de l’Est et de l’Ouest
1.3.12 Universal Health Insurance Coverage: Making the Case for Including Family Planning / Couverture sanitaire universelle: Argumenter pour l’inclusion de la planification familiale
1.4.11 Midwives for Family Planning / Sage-femmes pour la planification familiale
1.4.14 Building a strong FP workforce / Construire une main d’oeuvre de PF forte
2.2.08 Family Planning Calling: How innovative mobile technologies are training, supporting and incentivizing health workers who provide family planning services/ L’appel de la planification familiale: Comment les technologies mobiles innovates forment, soutiennent et encouragent les professionnels de la santé qui offrent des services de planification familiale
2.3.18 Critical correlates of family planning: Strategic assessment, politics, consent / Corrélations critiques de la planification familiale: Bilan stratégique, politiques et consentement
3.1.07 Supporting Policy and Programmes by Moving Evidence for Task shifting of Contraceptives (Effective FP programs – trained workforce) / Soutenir les politiques et programmes en mobilisant les preuves pour la délégation des tâches des contraceptifs
3.2.09 Developing Centers of Excellence to Institutionalize PPFP/PPIUD in the Philippines / Développer des centres d’excellence pour institutionaliser les PPPF/PPDIU aux Philippines


TUESDAY, 26 JANUARY (7:00 – 8:20)
Event Title Sponsoring Organization(s) Location
Defining Quality: new approaches to understanding quality of family planning Population Action International; The Women and Health Initiative at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Mengwi 3+5
Best Practices in Expanding Access to Long-Acting Reversible Contraception in Asia Pacific and South East Asia MSD Singaraja Hall 2
TUESDAY, 26 JANUARY (18:00 – 19:30)
Event Title Sponsoring Organization(s) Location
Counting it up: Getting to the heart of how we define additional, new, first-time users and adopters of contraception Marie Stopes International; Avenir Health Legian 3
Quality Upheld: Local Action for Global Progress
*ends at 21:00
 PAI Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa
Changing Norms and Reducing Stigma: Implementing Innovations to Expand Access to Quality PAC Services
*ends at 20:00
 PAC Consortium; EngenderHealth; Bixby Center for Population, Health, & Sustainability; Gynuity Health Projects; IntraHealth International; Ipas; Jhpiego; Pathfinder International; Population Council Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa (Keraton Room)
WEDNESDAY, 27 JANUARY (7:00 – 8:20)
Event Title Sponsoring Organization(s) Location
Quality across the continuum: how do we ensure care that is respectful and women-centered? The USAID | Translating Research into Action (TRAction) Project and the Maternal Health Task Force Legian 1
Community-based Family Planning Services Delivery: Lessons, Challenges and Sustainability Great Lakes University of Kisumu Legian 2