Conditional Visa on Arrival Deadline: 6 Jan

To obtain a Conditional Visa on Arrival, you must register and email a copy of your passport and invitation letter to the National Steering Committee (NSC) by 6 January. You will then receive a Letter of Guarantee and an Immigration Letter by 20 January. You will need all three of these letters (invitation, LoG, and immigration) to travel to Indonesia; please download them from your conference registration profile and print them out to take with you.

Please note:
If you submitted your passport to obtain a Conditional Visa on Arrival for the 2015 ICFP, you do not need to submit again. The National Steering Committee (NSC) will resubmit your passport; an updated Letter of Guarantee (LoG) and Immigration Letter will be available in your conference registration profile by 20 January. Please download and print these letters for your travel.

However, if the passport information you submitted for the 2015 ICFP is no longer valid, you will need to resubmit your items to the NSC.

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More information: Visas and Registration