Conference Update and Bali’s Commitment to Security

As we gear up for the first days of the ICFP we are energized by the excitement of our delegates and incredibly pleased to see so many local and international VIPs confirmed to attend. More planning and preparation has gone into this ICFP than any other, and we are committed to making sure that it is also one of the best.

In addition to keeping a close eye on the program, we are continuing to monitor for any potential risks that could disrupt delegate plans.

In Bali, we are working closely with the local police and government to ensure that plans in Nusa Dua continue to move forward with the safety of our valued delegates in mind, and we are assured by our local partners that safety is their top priority. In an effort to be prepared for all possibilities, our local partners have also created a comprehensive emergency response plan that can be found here.

Bali province has long taken security very seriously, which is one of the reasons it was chosen as the site of the ICFP. The Nusa Dua compound where the conference will be held is only accessible through three guarded checkpoints; everyone entering local hotels, restaurants and the conference venue will also be subject to multiple security searches. At Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, on-site security has already been increased, further underscoring Bali’s commitment to taking the safety of its guests very seriously.

We will continue to keep a close eye on developments as we look forward to the next few days, and we remain excited to see you soon in Nusa Dua for this important and long-awaited conference!

ICFP Organizers