ICFP Postponement – Frequently Asked Questions

As of 7 Nov 2015

Please see below for updates on the recent postponement on the 2015 ICFP. If you are not already on the official ICFP mailing list, please sign up here to receive the latest information on the conference. We will be updating this FAQ periodically as more information becomes available.


Has the conference been postponed? And, what does “postponed” mean? 

Unfortunately, the November 2015 ICFP in Nusa Dua, Indonesia, has been postponed due to a volcanic eruption on the neighboring island of Lombok. This means all November conference activities are cancelled and will be rescheduled for later dates. We recommend that participants cancel all conference-related travel reservations.

When will you know the rescheduled date for the conference? 

In the weeks ahead, conference organizers will be meeting to decide on the next steps. We want to thank you in advance for your understanding and patience, and we will share details as soon as a new conference date is confirmed.

Will I get refunded for the conference registration fee?

The conference organizers are still working through the details of the postponement and the impact the postponement will have on conference registration fees and other related costs. We hope to have an answer to your question soon. Thank you in advance for your patience.


I already initiated my travel to Indonesia. How should I proceed? 

There will be no conference activities in Nusa Dua in November 2015, and conference organizers are currently working to confirm the rescheduled conference date. We recommend that participants cancel all conference-related travel reservations. If you are traveling with the support of funding from a partner organization, please contact the person who arranged your travel to determine next steps.

I’m already in Nusa Dua. Is there anyone I can contact here to help me work through my questions?

An ICFP information desk is open at the Westin, Nusa Dua, and at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC). The desk is open 9:00 to 19:00 local time until 9 November.

The Denpasar airport is now open. Why did the 2015 ICFP organizers decide to postpone? 

The opening is considered temporary and is dependent on unpredictable natural factors such as wind direction and volcanic activity. The Government of Indonesia makes an evaluation every two hours to decide whether the airport should remain opened or closed.

The difficult decision to postpone the conference was made after the volcanic ash cloud forced the closure of the Denpasar Airport for three days, affecting the timely arrival of thousands of participants and dignitaries.

As of 5 November, several flights were delayed until two days into the conference and many high-level speakers were concerned that they would not be able to make it at all because of the unpredictable schedule of airport openings and closings. To minimize inconvenience for those who had not yet begun their journeys, protect the health and safety of valued ICFP delegates, and maximize the value of the conference for the family planning community as a whole, the conference organizers chose to postpone to a later date.

Will hotel bookings be refunded?

We encourage you to reach out directly to your hotel to negotiate a refund due to the extenuating circumstances. Many hotels are offering full refunds if you can provide proof of flight cancellation; others are offering hotel credits or settling for a one-night charge as a cancellation fee.

If the conference is postponed to a later date in Nusa Dua, many hotels may be willing to offer credits on non-refundable bookings. We promise to share details as soon as a new date is confirmed.

Will I get refunded for event space and other event costs?

We encourage you to reach out directly to your venue to negotiate a refund due to the extenuating circumstances. If the conference is postponed to a later date in Nusa Dua, many venues may be willing to offer credits on non-refundable bookings. We promise to share details as soon as a new date is confirmed.

If you reserved space at the conference venue, Christine Lee (clee@jhu.edu) will contact you shortly to continue planning your event for the new date.

What are the plans for general news and announcements that were going to be made at the conference? 

In the weeks ahead Global Health Strategies (GHS) will be working with the International Media & Communications Subcommittee to create a holistic strategy for promoting news and announcements that were expected to be made at the conference. Plans will depend in part on the new date selected for ICFP. We hope to have confirmation soon. If you have any questions or if you need to make announcements immediately, please email GHS_ICFP2015@ghstrat.com so GHS can help coordinate.


Will there be opportunities in the near future to cover these issues? 

Yes, there will be opportunities to cover family planning and women’s health issues. We will be in touch soon with more information. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there are conference-related issues that you would like to cover in the meantime.

I was in the middle of developing a story tied to ICFP. What should I do?

Although the conference has been delayed, the family planning conversation continues. We would encourage you to email GHS to discuss the topic of your piece and to determine whether it makes sense to publish now or to hold until the conference takes place.

Can I still publish a story on some of the research that was going to be presented at ICFP? 

If you spoke with an expert or organization who planned to present research at ICFP, please hold publication until you’ve reached out to the expert or organization to confirm when the research will be publicly available. If you have trouble getting in touch, please email GHS_ICFP2015@ghstrat.com.

For all other media inquiries, please contact: Courtney Hamilton at GHS_ICFP2015@ghstrat.com


Is the #ICFP2015 hastag still going to be active? If so, what type of content should we share? 

Yes, the #ICFP2015 will continue to be active for the near term. We will be using the hashtag and @ICFP2015 to share general conference information and updates.

While our in-person collaborations this November have been delayed, we hope the family planning community will continue this important conversation virtually in forums around the world. We will be in touch over the coming weeks with specific ways you can use the #ICFP2015 hashtag.

Will partners continue to publish ICFP digital content and if so, where will it be shared? 

Partners will be deciding on a case-by-case basis whether digital campaigns and content planned around the 2015 ICFP will continue or be held for the rescheduled conference dates. Many of the campaigns around ICFP are a part of long-term efforts to build momentum around family planning issues and will continue.

If you or your organization are still planning to push out content, we encourage you to connect with GHS and consider reposting it to the ICFP Digital Hub.


Where is the best place to go to for information?

The official ICFP website (http://fpconference.org/2016) will be regularly updated with information on the postponement of the conference. Please be sure to refresh your browser when viewing the ICFP page to ensure all new updates have loaded.

Information posted on the ICFP website will also be shared via email and posted to the ICFP digital channels (www.twitter.com/ICFP2015 and Bit.ly/ICFPfacebook).

Please contact the below individuals for all additional inquires: