Individual Session Moderators

Each 2015 ICFP session requires a moderator. Moderators should be experts on the topic that they wish to moderate and will be assigned a session based on their indicated topic of interest and tracks of familiarity in their application. If you volunteer to moderate you will be assigned a session as needed. Sessions are comprised of four to five accepted individual abstracts. Each session will be assigned two moderators, often one person from the National Steering Committee and one person from the International Steering Committee or a youth attendee.

Preformed panels designate their own moderators.

Duties as a moderator include:

  • Ahead of time, introducing yourself via email to all presenters in your session and ensuring they know the room and time of the session
  • Introducing the session topic (3-5 mins)
  • Leading a discussion on the presented papers in the event that a presenter does not appear or has withdrawn his/her paper at the last minute
  • Introducing each speaker and monitoring their presentation time. Make sure to familiarize yourself with pronunciation of names and affiliations.
  • After the last presentation, inviting questions from the floor and facilitating a thoughtful discussion.
  • Making concluding remarks and thanking the panelists for sharing their research and/or best practices.

Click here to apply to be a moderator.

Please contact with any questions about moderator guidelines.