Auxiliary Events

This page is also available in French.

Auxiliary events for the 2016 International Conference on Family Planning include any meetings, workshops, panels, networking sessions, training courses, and presentations that take place outside of conference programmed hours (8:30 to 17:30). Auxiliary events are not organized by the ICFP hosts, but by partner organizations and subcommittees. They are an opportunity for groups to convene stakeholders to focus on their own area of interest in the format of their choice.

Auxiliary events can be held either in the Convention Center or at nearby hotels or venues. Due to the limited number of available meeting rooms and audio/visual equipment within the Convention Center, a limited number of auxiliary events will be accepted for within the Conference venue.

For the schedule of auxiliary events held at the Convention Center, please visit the on-site auxiliary events page.

For the schedule of auxiliary events held at nearby hotels/venues, please visit the off-site auxiliary events page.