Marketplace of Ideas

This page is also available in French.

In support of the conference’s aim to spread ideas and share innovations, the 2016 ICFP will include a new feature, the Marketplace of Ideas. The goal of the Marketplace is to spur conversation, inspiration, and collaboration, and to showcase innovative approaches, practices, and products in the field of family planning.

The Marketplace of Ideas will provide an opportunity for innovators, thinkers, and doers to spend 15 minutes sharing their idea. Presenters will be assigned a 15-minute time slot for their presentation. Presentations will take place on the stage in the center of the Exhibit Hall (Pecatu Hall) from Tuesday, 26 January, through Thursday, 28 January.

A microphone will be provided. There will be 4 flat screen standard size monitors that will face outward around the stage available for your use during the presentation. Please bring a USB drive with you to the presentation with the materials you wish to show. You will be able to connect this USB drive to a computer connected to the monitors right before your presentation. These monitors are meant to show promotional and engaging supplemental materials to your prevention, and not a formal presentation. Please be aware that there are no speakers attached to the monitors, so do not plan to play a video with sound.

Presenters in the Marketplace of Ideas:

Tuesday, 26 January

Wednesday, 27 January

Thursday, 28 January

To download the complete Marketplace of Ideas program with descriptions of the presentations, click here.